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Hangsen e liquid 100ml pg/vg This Hangsen pg/vg mix is 80% pg with 20% vg. This ratio of mix is the most popular for vaping with more of a throat hit. Nicotine free option available
Whether Its coffee or Cola we have a great selection of Hangsen drink flavoured e liquids for you
Fruity Flavoured e liquids
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Fruit Punch e-liquid
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Fruit Punch e-liquid
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Fruit Punch e-liquid
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Fruit Flavour
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Hangsen Fruit Punch E Liquid 100ml

Take a bunch of ripe bananas, throw in some apples, plums, peaches and raspberries. Now add a slice of pineapple and top it off with a dash of fresh grapes. Blend and shake it up to create the Hangsen Fruit Punch E Liquid. This one is so much juice, packed into one bottle. Vape or salad? You decide. This Hangsen Fruit Punch is available in 100ml.

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Hangsen Fruit Punch e-liquid 100ml
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