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E-Liquid UK  100ml - PG/VG Vaping Liquids
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100ml 80/20 mix

 What is PG and VG

PG is "propylene glycol" and VG is "vegetable glycerin"

Propylene Glycol

Is a synthetic organic compound. It is a viscous, colourless liquid which is almost odourless but has a faint sweet taste

Vegetable Glycerin

Is a clear sweet syrup-like liquid that has no odour. It is extracted from vegetable oils.

 PG and VG liquids are base liquids used in the manufacture of E Liquids. The liquids are combined in differing amounts for the users preference. ( Ours is 80/20 ) Nicotine is then added in differing levels also to suit the user.

0mg being zero nicotine rising to 18 and even 24mg. Most vapers prefer between 6mg to 12mg, about the same as the average cigarette.

The liquid is then flavoured. Hangsen are renowned for using only natural flavourings loved by millions around the globe

 Nicotine Free

All Flavours have a nicotine free option
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100ml Red Cola
Hangsen Red Cola e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml Red Energy
Hangsen Red energy e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml Ry4 e-liquid
Hangsen RY4 e-liquid 100ml BEST SELLER
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml Ry6 Tobacco
Hangsen Ry6 Tobacco E-Liquid. NEW
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!

100ml Silk Smooth
Hangsen Silk Smooth e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml Spearmint
Hangsen Spearmint e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml Strawberry vanilla
100ml Strawberry Vanilla
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml Tab Blend
Hangsen Tab Blended e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!

100ml The Palm
Hangsen The Palm (Pall Mall) NEW
€21.27  €13.90
In Stock!
100ml Triple Menthol
Hangsen Triple Menthol e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml USA Mix
USA Mix e-liquid 100ml BEST SELLER
€21.27  €18.90
In Stock!
100ml USA Mix Lights
Hangsen USA Mix Lights e-liquid 100ml
€21.27  €17.50
In Stock!

Great range of quality Hangsen, 100ml UK e-liquids available in Many flavours and strengths. Our PG/VG is 80/20 mix
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