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Hangsen E-Liquid 5ml FREE SAMPLES

Please stick to these rules


Please restrict your FREE SAMPLES to 1 free 5ml sample for every 100ml you buy

( 90ml if you are buying 30ml bottles )

Do NOT add the same flavours as your main e liquid.( i.e. if you buy ry4 100ml, do not add ry4 free )

Do NOT add all the same flavours. ( i.e. if you buy 2 x 100ml then please add 2 DIFFERENT flavours of samples )

Breaking the rules may result in only 1 free sample being added.


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5ml  FREE Samples 6mg
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5ml FREE Samples 12mg
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For every 100ml you buy you can add 1 FREE SAMPLE (90ml if buying 30ml bottles )
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