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Apple e-liquid
Hangsen e-liquid Apple 100ml
€21.27  €16.80
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Blackcurrant e-liquid
100ml Blackcurrant Flavour
€21.27  €17.90
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Coffee e-liquid
Hangsen e-liquid 100ml Coffee
€21.27  €17.90
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Dessert Ship e-liquid
100ml Dessert Ship e-liquid
€21.27  €17.90
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Dunhill Deluxe
100ml Dunhill Deluxe Menthol e-liquid
€21.27  €17.90
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Fruit Punch e-liquid
100ml Fruit Punch e-liquid
€21.27  €16.80
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Gold & Silver VG e-liquid
100ml Gold&Siver VG e-liquid
€21.27  €17.90
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Menthol e-liquid 100ml
Hangsen e-liquid Menthol
€21.27  €17.90
In Stock!
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Hangsen e-Liquid

About Hangsen

Hangsen leads the way in producing high quality, long lasting Hangsen e-liquid by only using natural ingredients. They are committed to supply the best products in order to help people quit smoking and encourage them to take up vaping which is much safer. The company have been continually growing since its inception and has now reached staggering heights of success with the widespread popularity of e-cigarettes all over the world. It produces 4 million bottles of Hangsen e-liquid every month in its state of the art facility. Hangsen e-liquid are available in more than 300 flavours, so no matter what your preference, there is a flavour to suit your needs

E cigarettes

What Are E-Cigs

E-cigarettes are a very good alternative to normal cigarettes. They require vape juice or e-liquid which is heated to release vapours that the user inhales.  Hangsen flavours are made of various natural ingredients and the nicotine content ranges from 0mg through to 24mg. The incredibly flavored vapours give the same feeling like smoking. Any e-cigarettes will help when trying to quit smoking and ease nicotine cravings. This is why ecigarettes are becoming so popular the world over and specially in the UK. It is considered to be very fashionable to make use of e-cigarettes instead of the traditional cigarettes. Vaping has become very trendy these days, it is a much cleaner and safer substitute for smoking.

E-liquid uk 100ml

Vaping in the UK 

Hangsen offers a very big market for E-liquid uk 100ml  because of the rise in the use of e-cigarettes. Many smokers are now turning to vaping because of the health risks asociated with smoking tobacco. Vaping  has been proved to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

Hangsen, E-liquid uk 100ml offers the best value for money because it is long lasting. You can find many different flavours of Hangsen e-liquid 100ml on this website. We offer 6ml and 12ml samples of flavours so that you can find out which is to your liking. These samples are a perfect way to try out new flavours or simply to try vaping. Our samples are priced at £1.20 so you can easily add them to your regular order of any 100ml E-liquid uk offered on our website.

We only sell genuine authentic Hangsen and you can be assured that hangsen is a high-quality product.  we provide a comprehensive range of Hangsen e-liquid flavours. We also have a number of e-cigarettes accessories like starter kits, batteries, coils and chargers. This is a one-stop destination to get you started on your vaping journey.

Our Mix ratio that we provide in our e-liquid is 80/20 Pg / Vg, and 100% Vg. The 80/20 Pg/Vg Mix is very popular among vapers because it offers more of a throat hit than any other liquid mix and produces less cloud. Those who prefer a greater amount of vapour can go for the 100% Vg mix as it is a much thicker juice and produces much more cloud. We ship Hangsen E-liquid every day worldwide

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